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How To Reach More People On AutoPilot While Saving Time and Money!

Learn how with Church Chat Bots on Facebook Messenger!

  • Engage more members and guests... On autopilot!

  • Save more time and spend less money!

  • One less social media thing to have to think about!

  • Get members more actively involved and attract new visitors - On Autopilot!

    Now you can literally have hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous conversations on autopilot with your members, guests, and even potential visitors. You can even tailor these conversations towards the the issues that matter to each person, meeting them right where they are. Get more of your members to serve in ministry, increase giving, and even attract new visitors to your church.

  • Save time and money while reaching more people

    Having your own custom built chat bot can cost $5,000 - $10,000 and even more, but with Church Chat Bots, you will only have to spend a tiny fraction of this. And you can literally have your bot up and running in under an hour....and once your bot is up an running, you won't have to worry about spending time and resources training staff or volunteers. The bot runs itself, and we provide step by step instructions to make it even easier!

  • Position your church ahead of a coming social media trend

    There's an old saying that the church is always 10 years behind on technology. But you know this doesn't have to be true, and if you're reading this, I know it's not true about you. On March 6, 2019 Mark Zuckerberg himself (the creator and CEO of Facebook) published an extensive blog post explaining that the future of Facebook and social media is in messaging and groups. With Church Chat Bots, your church will be ahead of this technology curve. You won't miss a beat, and we'll make it super easy for you along the way, because we know how busy you already are. 

What is a Messenger Bot

Why Messenger Bots:

  1. Unlimited automated conversations to increase engagement with new visitors and existing members - Increase guests and member involvement in your ministries
  2. Save time and money - We don't charge a monthly fee to use our Church Chat Bot conversations, and because these are templates you are buying, you are saving thousands of dollars. You also will not need to have any staff or volunteers manning Facebook to reply to every message. That means no training, and no large amounts of time spent to take advantage of this powerful engagement tool for your church.
  3. Position your church at the head of the curve on Facebook's transition to messaging and group conversations. Zuck posted a lengthy blog post earlier this year stating that Facebook, who also owns Instagram and What's App, is shifting its focus to messaging and groups. That means you can count on an overall shift in the social media habits of the public more and more towards private messaging. Many in the digital marketing industry expect Facebook to even eventually allow messages in Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and What's App to talk to each other. By getting set up on Messenger bots now, you're position your church ahead of the curve on something that Facebook has officially stated they are going to do. For too long, it's been a cliche that churches are 10 years behind the technology curve. With Church Chat Bots, you'll be ahead of that curve for your years to come, and we'll help you stay there.

Here's a live bot in use by a church using one of our templates. With Church Chat Bots, you will get this exact bot, but of course with the ability to customize the names, locations, times, etc. for your church.

Starter Bot

  • Includes these Church Chat Bot conversations:
  • Plan Your Visit Walkthrough
  • Invite A Guest
  • Call the Church
  • Get Directions
  • Service Times
  • Online giving
  • Prayer requests
  • Meet the Pastors
  • Ministries
  • Visit your church's website

Unlimited Bot

  • Includes everything in the Starter Bot plus these additional Church Chat Bot conversations:
  • Your sermons in audio or video
  • Upcoming sermon promotion
  • Sermon discussions
  • Testimonials / Member spotlight
  • Weekly devotionals or inspiration messages
  • Follow up with visitors
  • Follow up with salvation decisions
  • Follow up with rededication decisions
  • New member follow up
  • Plus all future Church Chat Bot conversations including:
  • Holiday conversations
  • Event registration
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Christian education
  • Surveys

Between Facebook Posting, Commenting, Sharing, And Going Live, Do You Ever Wonder...

Is The Time I Spend On Facebook Trying To Promote The Church Actually Worth It?


Are you seeing good results from your efforts on Facebook, but you simply don't have the time to do as much as you could?


Whether you're a pastor, a church staff member, or a volunteer that's tasked with managing your church's social media pages, you fall into one of these 3 categories:

  • 1

    You're a social media natural.

    You've got large followings and you're all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and maybe even Snapchat! Your social media posting, commenting, and sharing is worked into your everyday routine and is simply a part of your life.

  • 2

    You know you're way around social media.

    You know the importance of it, but you find the amount of time it takes to do it right a bit daunting. You know you should be posting more than you do to interact with more people about the church, but a lot things in life take priority over social media, right?

  • 3

    You know what it is, but you really don't do social media.

    You know you're supposed to be doing it because that's where everyone is, but you're not really into it, you don't really want to learn how to do it better, and you have no idea where you'd find the time even if you wanted to.

I personally fall into category 2 most of the time.


I'm a church volunteer staff member. I'm not paid and I'm part time, but I manage our church's website, app, and I'm supposed to be over the church's social media. However, I must admit that while I have plans on how to promote our church and attract more visitors on social media, I simply haven't managed to find the time to do it.



If you're like me, you know it's important for a church to be active on social media, especially to reach people 35 and under. But truthfully, Facebook's reach goes well into people in their 60's now, so you really can reach everyone from teens to seniors there.

But no matter how well my intentions have been, I simply haven't found the time to make the most out of Facebook for our church.

And whether you fall into categories 1, 2, or 3 above - a social media wiz, knowledgeable but lacking time, or a total novice - we all share the same limitation, and it's a limitation that is costly for anyone trying to accomplish anything on social media, and that is TIME!

Social Media is Time Consuming

I don't mean posting a few times here and there. I mean that doing social media right and in a way that attracts new people to your church CONSISTENTLY IS SOOOO TIME CONSUMING 🙁



It just takes a lot of time to get the most out of social media. Posting, going live, looking at other people's posts and then commenting on theirs can end up stealing away a lot of your time. I know it has mine.



Like you and your staff, I was tasked with attracting new visitors to church through social media, as well as with training others to do so. It wasn't easy to do as a part time volunteer, working with other part time volunteers. And even if you're a full time paid church staff, you're plate is already overloaded. I know how it is working in ministry, whether as a paid staff, which I have been before, or as a volunteer, which I am now.



Churches are all about systems. There's systems for growth, systems for discipleship, systems for finances, systems for training, systems for systems lol. I had even put together my own social media system for the church, but I kept running out of time. Other than finding more hours in a day or a new person joining the church who was already a social media expert with a lot of time on their hands, I wasn't sure how this situation was going to change for me.



What did I found out? Believe it or not, what I found out is this: A lot of big companies and internet marketing pros have begun using software to automate their conversations on Facebook, meaning they can have hundreds and even thousands of simultaneous conversations going on with different people all at the same time...all on autopilot, meaning they don't have to have someone in Facebook replying to people 24-7. It can even happen while they're asleep!


So when I found out about this little secret the experts were using, I knew I had to see how to apply this to my work in ministry. If this stuff worked like the technology promised, it was going to be the answer to most of my church-related social media woes.


First and foremost, I would go from being time-poor to time-rich when it comes to social media, meaning this software would begin to put the hours in for me. All I would have to do is set it up, and it would then run on autopilot.


I knew if this software could be used to help companies sell widgets, weight loss pills, and shoes on the internet, it could certainly be used to help bring new people to our church to hear the gospel and connect with other people who could help them along their journey to becoming the person God created them to be.


I believe in our church or I wouldn't be there. I know you believe in your church also. As the (capital C) Church, we have the best product on the planet. We just need to share it with more people, and inviting people to church has always been a good place to start.


I thought to myself, this technology could basically get Facebook to start connecting with new people and inviting them to church on autopilot. This is amazing!

Brother Bot Messenger Bots For Churches

Introducing Facebook Messenger Bots for Churches and Ministries

The new way to automate your church's Facebook marketing efforts.

Literally talk to hundreds or thousand of prospective new guests simultaneously...on autopilot!

Like I said, I was supposed to be managing our church's social media, but I simply had not been able to find the time or adequately train other volunteers.


I had even wrote down an elaborate plan to promote the church on Facebook. It involved posting weekly about the sermons, coordinating the sharing times, integrating our members into the plan, and a bunch of other stuff. However, lack of time to execute all this kept holding me back.


Automated church marketing on Facebook

But with Facebook Messenger bots, I had the opportunity to create automated conversations with unlimited people about our church...right inside of an app that people are already using everyday. It doesn't get any better than that!


Better than trying to market the church by email or text messaging

That means I didn't have to try to email people, only to see my email get lost in their inbox and never opened. And I didn't have to try to get people to give me their cell phone number so I could put them on a text list, which only works for people who are already members of your church. It's not likely you're going to get a new person to give you their cell phone number and volunteer for you send them automated text messages.


Doesn't require much technical training

Training people to manage a website, do graphic design, or write email newsletters is either highly technical, requires a creative aptitude, or simply takes a lot of time. This can make it difficult to build a volunteer marketing team at church. The other option is paid professional marketing staff, but most churches don't have a budget for that.


Messenger bots solve of lot of these problems. Once configured, they run on autopilot. No need for a lot of ongoing technical maintenance from a human.


Spend less time on social media and more time with real hands on ministry


And most importantly, I don't have to spend tons of time on Facebook trying to grow my church's social media following manually with a bunch of posting and commenting if I didn't want to. I could spend time with my wife and kids instead. I could spend time on other more direct forms of ministry, making personal contact with people, or whatever else I could doing with my time.


And I could develop a duplicatable system that other churches can use!

Robert Taylor, Founder of Preachnet and Builder of "Brother Bot"

My name is Robert Taylor. I have been managing church marketing and websites as both paid staff and a volunteer since the turn of the century. That makes it sound so long ago, but literally, I started volunteering with a ministry in 2000, and shortly thereafter began managing that ministry's marketing efforts.

Currently, at the church I attend in Houston, TX, I designed and manage our website and our app, and I am assembling a new volunteer marketing team.

I also serve on the church's business team and board of Elders. I also teach at various functions inside and outside of the church, including small groups and prison ministry.

Imagine connecting with hundreds of potential visitors with little to no effort on your part or that of your team!

As well as get more of your existing members involved in ministry.

  • Bring more visitors every Sunday morning.

  • Get more people to join small groups, Sunday School, or your disciple programs.

  • Remind missing members to come back.

  • Increase tithes and offerings.

  • Connect with more people in need of prayer.

  • Target specific people (both members and non-members) with sermons you preach about issues that relate to them specifically because you used a bot to engage them in conversations in which they tell you what issues are most important to them.

And so much more than can all happen on autopilot, at the convenience of the person you're trying to reach, and all inside of an app they're already used to using everyday, that already has their email address, and sometimes even their phone number. Your ability to follow up with new prospects before they step foot in your church is exponentially higher in Facebook Messenger bots than any other form of marketing.

And spend less time on your phone on social media when you should be spending it engaged with your wife and kids (oh wait... maybe that's just me lol).

Facebook Messenger Bots For Churches
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